Mission & Values


The mission of Marshall Heights Community Development Organization, Inc. (MHCDO) is to help grow Ward 7 into the District of Columbia's most welcoming, prospering, livable community for everyone. To advance our mission, MHCDO operates according to the following core values:

Support Ward 7 First.

We believe deeply in and make every effort to live, work, hire from and recreate in Ward 7 first, the District of Columbia second, the Washington, DC region third, and USA fourth and encourage our families and friends to do likewise.

Listen and Respond Proactively and Honestly.

We seek out the voices of Ward 7 to anticipate problems before they become serious and to proactively respond to our community's needs without making excuses.

Build Community Agreement.

We facilitate community dialogue and mediate our differences to create unity in our vision, purpose, and approach to our work. Everyone in Ward 7 has a standing invitation to participate with MHCDO.

Provide Leadership.

We are strong in our resolve to take public positions on issues that are both favorable and unfavorable. Every effort will be made to be clear where MHCDO stands.

Act Fiscally Responsible.

We operate with a balanced budget, we carefully consider the risk associated with our investments and we are open about our financial position and capacity.


Offer the Best

We offer the finest quality programs and customer service that our resources will support.

Be Holistic and Asset Driven.

We consider the full spectrum of relationships between physical space, neighborhood history and personal family and individual situations, and we will build on our strengths in designing our approaches and strategies.

Create Opportunity.

We want Ward 7 to thrive economically and for all neighborhoods and residents to have access to the tools, resources and support needed to achieve and maintain a good quality of life.

Value the Past.

We take the time to reflect on our experiences, to honor our community wisdom, and to learn from our past.