L D. Covington

SRO Resident of Unit 303

What was your life like before coming to the SRO?

My life was fine until the death of my husband. Then I became homeless.

How has the SRO helped you?

SRO gave me a place to stay, a place of my own, a roof over my head and some stability. And, Ms. Mykeshia has also been a great big help with her open-door policy. She also keeps me up to date with housing. She is always smiling, her customer service is always 100% every day, all day. But my goal is to one day be able to fine my own place of residence.

 V. Mercer Former SRO Resident of Unit G07

What was your life like before coming to the SRO?

Before coming to the SRO, I lost my job with the federal government after 20 years of service, my unemployment had run out, and I lived with my sister, mom, and a friend before almost becoming homeless. It was a difficult time for me because I had never experienced anything like this before and couldn’t understand how I got in this position. Networking through friends, I discovered that there are many programs available to help people in need, and the SRO at the Willis Paul Green Manor Building just happens to be one of the best programs I’ve come across so far.  

How has the SRO helped you?

The SRO helped me by giving me a place to live and not be homeless. They are very good at helping you with your mission and goals. If you’re having problems financially, with food, clothing, or otherwise, let them know and they’ll work with you in any way they can to help you get back on your feet! The SRO provides a range of conveniences, such as; laundry room onsite, convenient corner stores and grocery stores, churches, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, gas stations, metro bus services across the street and at the front door, two metro subway stations (Dean Wood and Minnesota Avenue) are within 20 minutes walking distance! It’s a great place to live on your journey to becoming a productive individual. I am grateful to have a P/T job working at the MHCDO facility where I can give back to the community that helped me!

Much Respect!

V. Mercer

C. Ethofinn

SRO Resident of Unit 114

What was your life like before coming to the SRO?

This is my home and when I came here, I always thought of this place as safe, that’s how I felt then and the same today. As a resident, you have to engage your self in the life you want to live, and this is the place to do so. I trust in myself today and because of the support that I get today moving forward to the future. 

How has the SRO helped you?

I have brought my first car here and paying for my third one now. When I lost my job, (the job shut down) this place helped me to be strong and positive. My credit was low then, but fair today by paying my bills. It helps others to feel good about themselves, give good advice and also receive help if I need it. And I let people know how I’m doing or when I am not feeling well, they come to see about me. Growing up is hard when you’re already grown!